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Sylvester Howard Roper US (1823-1896) invented a steam engine cylinders (powered by coal) in 1867. This can be considered the first motorcycle, if allowed to the description of a motorcycle includes a steam engine. Wilhelm Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler built a bike with table and four wooden wheels and internal combustion engine en1885. Its speed was 18 km / h and the engine developed 0.5 horses.

Gottlieb Daimler used a new engine invented by engineer Nikolaus August Otto. Otto invented the first internal combustion engine four times in 1876. He called it "Motor Cycle Otto" and as soon as completed, Daimler (former employee of Otto) made him a motorcycle that some historians consider the first of the history.5 in 1894 Hildebrand and Wolfmüller presented in Munich the first motorcycle that was manufactured in series and light commercial purposes. The Wolfmüller Hildebrand and remained in production until 1897.6 7 Russian brothers settled in Paris and Eugene Werner Michel a motor mounted on a bicycle. The initial model with the engine over the front wheel was first manufactured in 1894.

In 1902 Scooter (scooter comes from the English), also known as auto chair by the French Georges Gauthier was invented. The scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle, bicycle, provided with a protective dashboard. It was manufactured in 1914. He had a great popularity, especially among young people. Incorporates two small diameter wheels and an open box that allows the driver instead of sitting astride. It also has a body that protects all mechanisms, and offers a small storage space for small objects and a spare wheel. They are urban vehicles, but you can also make long trips. What stands out in this type of transport is handling comfort and driveability, and not the development of high speeds.

In 1910 came the sidecar, a truck with a side wheel is attached to one side of the motorcycle. It consists of a frame (single wheel) and a body that protects the passenger. Motorcycle drag, becomes a three-wheeled vehicle and driving is controlled by rotating the handle, the tilt can not be executed. He had appeared years before, but on bicycles and with the proliferation of vehicles called "utility" in addition to the ban on their manufacture by governments recently, it has virtually disappeared from circulation.

After returning from World War II (1945), American soldiers seemed dissatisfied with the motorcycles were built by Harley-Davidson and Indian. The bikes they had ridden in Europe were lighter and more fun to drive. These veterans began to hang out with other ex-soldiers to relive some of the camaraderie they had felt in the service. These groups realized that their motorcycles needed changes that Harley did not provide them. Thus he was born the custom motorcycle.

Pinto Mendoza

When deciding on the design of our labels we got in touch with the famous painter Abraham Pinto Mendoza, as we knew him personally and we loved the way to express his works, we explain our unique project and loved the idea of ​​mixing their art with the world of wine and motorcycles, got down to work and let your creativity flow to achieve an excellent final result consistent with the idea we had in mind.


Born in Seville August 10, 1976; In the neighborhood Sevillano El Cerro del Aguila spent his childhood and adolescence, until he moved to live in the town of Utrera to 18 years.
Self-taught painter. Thanks to the vocation, restlessness, curiosity and commitment. From a young age he is beginning to make a living thanks to the art of painting in its various forms; It starts with screen printing and artistic design; along with other works of murals, posters and illustration.

Continuing his artistic training in painting the natural and impressionism. Just as in contemporary art through participation in various courses and workshops.
His work reflects what has been learned in the street, through participation in competitions outdoors in which in a few hours great skill in painting techniques and ways to solve the pictures, which then applied to his work studio is acquired.

"My passion is to paint live , capturing the essence of what I see at the right moment I'm watching"

In recent years it has been recognized in countless national and international awards. With numerous solo and group exhibitions to his credit, his work is represented in prestigious public and private collections in Spain and abroad. Currently working with galleries in New York, London, Chicago, Washington and Edinburgh. The awards obtained from 2009- 2015 have been about fifty, which has being in the best positions.

Year Awards 2016

  • 1st Prize in Painting Contest Juan José Fernández Leiceaga "Sesé" .Noia A Coruña
  • 1st Prize in Painting Contest Huercal-Overa. Almería. 1st Prize in the IV Painting Contest Baltanás. Palencia
  • 1st Prize in Painting Contest Sanlucar la Mayor. Seville.
  • 2nd in the First National Contest Villa de Alaejos, Valladolid. 2nd Prize, now in Benagalbon. Malaga
  • 2nd Prize at the XIII Contest of Rapid Painting Melilla. Autonomous City of Melilla.
  • 2nd Prize in Painting Competition Outdoor Aranda de Duero. Burgos.
  • 2nd Prize in the Competition III Outdoor Painting "City of Armilla". Pomegranate
  • 2nd Prize in Painting Competition I Outdoor Barrios. Cadiz.
  • 3rd Prize in Painting Contest Alcaudete. Jaen.
  • 3rd Prize in Painting Contest "Villa de Lerma" Burgos
  • 3rd Prize in Painting Contest "Jose Aced" Alcorisa. Teruel. 3rd Prize in Painting Contest Laguna de los Tollos. The Raven. Seville.
  • 3rd Prize in Painting Contest in rural areas Juzbado, Salamanca. 3rd Prize in Painting Contest Pinos Genil. Pomegranate.
  • 3rd Prize in Painting Contest "Nicholas Mejías" Fuente de Cantos. Badajoz.
  • 4th Prize at the XXVI National Fast Painting Contest City of Avila.
  • 5th Prize in the Contest of Painting Outdoors "Bodegones Benaocaz". Benaocaz. Cadiz.
  • 6th Prize in Painting Contest Villanueva de los Infantes. Real city